The History of

St Stephen's Lutheran Church





St Stephen’s traces her history to a group of Lutherans who settled in Decatur Township in Indianapolis in 1854.


In 1958, the Board of American Missions sent a mission developer who brought this group together in an elementary school in Decatur Township. The name of St Stephen’s was assumed in November 1958. St Stephen’s was officially born on May 10 1959.


In the intervening years, St Stephen’s sought to serve her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A new building was erected at Highway 76 and Mann Road in Indianapolis, here is where we met for worship and fellowship and served our community over the next 30 years. The church membership grew and then declined as the neighborhood became more industrial.


In November 1993, St Stephen’s closed it doors on Mann Rd. The congregation of St Stephen’s voted to relocate to Plainfield. While waiting for our new building, we shared a building with the congregation of St Mark’s Episcopal Church


On February 25 1996 St Stephen’s moved into our new home in the Saratoga Development, just west of Plainfield and north of US 40. Here with the grace of our Lord, we plan to live our commitment of Faith, Hope and Love in Action.

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