St Stephen's Lutheran Church is faithfully engaged and privileged to participate in God's work. We are called to serve and love our neighbor in restoring and reconciling our community in Jesus' name.

Food Pantry  


St Stephen's has established an outreach for all residents of Hendricks County in cooperation with Gleaners Food Bank Agency and Hendricks County Food Bank Coalition. Our Mission is about feeding the hungry and spreading God's Love.  NEEDED FOOD ITEMS


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Santa Shop


This community service project has been enjoyed by many children in the community for years. St Stephen's (through support of the congregation and local merchants) provides the children an opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for parents and other family members at a significant cost reduction so they may enjoy the joy of giving on such a special holiday.


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Heifer International


St Stephen's partners with Heifer International and provides animals in support of their outreach program. These animals provide food and valuable income to areas with a long history of poverty. This empowerment turns hunger and dispair into hope and prosperity. 

Concord Rising


Three of the original members of our former band, Lutherans on Bluegrass,  Gregg Burks, (organist) Holly Erickson, (choir director), and Chris Tonchef, have been joined by John and Connie Coy to form the new band “Concord Rising”.  They are practicing twice weekly and will be premiering their new sound in just a few weeks. Watch for more information and dates. We are so excited to have a band back again, let’s all wish “Concord Rising” the best of luck! 

Compassion International


St Stephen's sponsors a child through this Christian advocacy bringing about change in peoples lives releasing them from social, economic and physical poverty in regions with a long history of hardship and strife. This will help enable these children to become responsible fulfilled Christian adults.

Sheltering Wings


St. Stephen's helps to financially support the work of Sheltering Wings. They in turn extend the love and compassion to women and their children who find themselves in desparate circumstances of domestic violence. They will provide emergency housing for women and children suffering from any form of domestic abuse.

Pins & Needles Sewing Club

The Pins and Needles Quilt Ministry is a group of people who gather every Wednesday to quilt, sew, knit, crochet and work on other needle work projects.  This group has been meeting for approximately 14 years on a weekly basis.  We have made and continue to make mats for the homeless, hats for infants and many other items.  We also occasionally hold classes and workshops.  We invite anyone who is interested in joining to come on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am.  Currently we are working on Quilts of Valor and New Baby Baskets.  Any current or former military personnel should fill out a sheet that is provided in the Narthex and we will start a quilt.  Also, we have a baby girl basket and a baby boy basket so that we can present parents with new babies a basket.  Some items are hand made by individuals in the group but that is not a requirement.  Anyone interested in adding to these baskets may do so and they will be presented to parents of new babies.  Anyone interested in coming any Wednesday morning, you are welcome.  We do have coffee and feel free to bring your breakfast.

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